A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Warigami is a handheld console inspired two dimensional fixed shooter game. It combines the LCD console style animation and gameplay experience with modern colorful graphics. It is 6x13's Ludum Dare 32 Jam entry.


Move with LEFT/RIGHT Arrow keys. That's it. The aim is to make the enemy ships shoot at you and accidentally destroy the enemies on the other side. Avoid the bullets survive as long as you can. You need to reach at least 10.000 points to win. See if you can reach it!

Each ship in hitbar represents 10 hitpoints. So one ship in hitbar is dropped only you got hit 10 times. The game ends after you get 50 damage points in total.

There are three types of bullets:

  • Arrow "➤" deals 1 HP damage.
  • Striped arrow deals 2 HP damage.
  • Triangle "▶" deals 3 HP damage.


Warigami_Linux-x64.zip 9 MB
Warigami_Win.zip 17 MB